Meet The Team

Neal Butler, Owner/ Operator & Managing Director

Neal Butler

Owner/ Operator & Managing Director

Joe Connolly, Owner/ Operator & Managing Director

Joe Connolly

Owner/ Operator & Managing Director

Charlotte Morris, Company Secretary & PA to the Managing Directors

Charlotte Morris

Company Secretary & PA to the Managing Directors

Jay Mason, Sales & Marketing Manager

Jay Mason

Sales & Marketing Manager

Chris Richards, Lettings Manager

Chris Richards

Lettings Manager

John Tomsett, Lettings Operations  Manager

John Tomsett

Lettings Operations Manager

Cassandra Butler, Dedicated Sales Coordinator

Cassandra Butler

Dedicated Sales Coordinator

Steph Newman, Senior Residential Sales Negotiator

Steph Newman

Senior Residential Sales Negotiator

Jack Holmes, Senior Residential Sales Negotiator & New Homes Sales Executive

Jack Holmes

Senior Residential Sales Negotiator & New Homes Sales Executive

Mitchell Connolly, Residential Sales Negotiator

Mitchell Connolly

Residential Sales Negotiator

Harry Bott, Lettings Negotiator

Harry Bott

Lettings Negotiator

Katy El Bekkari, Lettings Administration

Katy El Bekkari

Lettings Administration

Kay Cox, Lettings Maintenance Manager

Kay Cox

Lettings Maintenance Manager

Andy Brown, Lettings Renewals Clerk

Andy Brown

Lettings Renewals Clerk

Sarah Roberts, Property Manager

Sarah Roberts

Property Manager

Carla Adams, Property Manager

Carla Adams

Property Manager

Sally Mclaren, Inspection Clerk

Sally Mclaren

Inspection Clerk

Katherine McAdam, Marketing Support

Katherine McAdam

Marketing Support

Ailsa Petchey, Company Photographer

Ailsa Petchey

Company Photographer

Tim Anderson, Sales Manager

Tim Anderson

Sales Manager

Connor  Wright, Sales Negotiator

Connor Wright

Sales Negotiator

Holly Birch, Senior Lettings Negotiator

Holly Birch

Senior Lettings Negotiator

Kobie Ling, Lettings Negotiator

Kobie Ling

Lettings Negotiator

Leonie Field, Lettings Administrator & Inventory Clerk

Leonie Field

Lettings Administrator & Inventory Clerk

Alex Cross, Sales Negotiator

Alex Cross

Sales Negotiator

Gemma Bellfield, Administration

Gemma Bellfield


Callum Petchey, Lettings Administrator

Callum Petchey

Lettings Administrator

Janine Andersen, Inspection Clerk

Janine Andersen

Inspection Clerk

George Horn, New Homes Negotiator

George Horn

New Homes Negotiator

Matthew Iskandar, Lettings Negotiator

Matthew Iskandar

Lettings Negotiator

Paula Kirby, Property Manager

Paula Kirby

Property Manager

Leah Barron, Inspection Clerk

Leah Barron

Inspection Clerk

Willow , Office Dog


Office Dog