Whether you're a vendor, or a foreign buyer looking to invest in UK property, our Overseas team have the expertise you need.

Milton Keynes is one of the UK's most desirable hot spots for international property investors, and both vendors and buyers seek our assistance, to make their transactions go smoothly.

International sales fall through at a higher than average rate. Not because either party get cold feet, but because of a lack of knowledge and guidance.

We redress the balance and with our vast amount of experience in overseas property investment, we steer our clients through the minefield of legalities and regulations, helping both parties reach a speedy and successful completion.

Good communication is vital in any property purchase and this can be an even bigger stumbling block when the process crosses continents. That's why our network of multi-lingual agents across Asia and the Middle East are on hand to help our clients through the maze of information and formalities.

Working with our UK team, we liaise with all parties and their legal representatives to keep sales on track.

Our hand-picked team have a long and proven track record in securing UK property purchases for our overseas buyers. They can also offer informed advice on selecting the appropriate legal and financial experts, to make the process simpler and more straightforward.

We only recommend the best conveyancing and financial service professionals for the job, as we know that having sufficient experience in international property transactions isn't just desirable, it is crucial to our clients' success.

Our overseas buyers are looking for prime locations and premium quality properties NOW.

If you have a property to sell that could fit their criteria and are keen to connect with a swift cash rich buyer, get in touch with us for a confidential chat today.

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